STAY STRAPPED clothing line is not about a specific action, but rather a mindset. Our clothes help you express who you are and the things that you're krazē about. At times we as people feel the need to fit in but in reality, no one fits in. Everyone is unique and while we all may share similar interests, tastes, and traits, we are still different and krazē about many things. From travel enthusiasts to car lovers, we all have 'our thing' that makes us krazē or that we are krazē about. Society, family, and friends try to put us in a 'Straitjacket' and hold us down, but always remember who is ultimately in control of the 'straps.'

In the end, everyone is krazē about something, even you. Be as krazē as you want to be about whatever it is. Be you! Stay you! Stay krazē! STAY STRAPPED!

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