Collection: 2nd Amendment Series

Some people are krazē about Guns. They are not just krazē about them because of the smell of gunpowder but the power to be able to protect your assets; your children, your house, your property, especially YOURSELF. Some people never leave home without one. It's no myth that some people wear the gun that matches the clothes they are wearing for the day. Some even choose the gun to conceal and carry based on their mood. We won't elaborate more on this but gun enthusiasts can give you more insight than we can. No matter what they say they will always tell you to stay strapped, or stay concealed, and always be cautious of your surroundings as they have witnessed and seen a lot from the real world we all live in. They say it's better to have it and never need to use it than to never have it and one day need to use it. How many gun enthusiast do you know? Too many to count huh?  The right to bear arms is what the 2nd Amendment is all about and unfortunately there are several entities that want to take your firearms away from you. We all have a duty to make sure this doesn't happen because when the Zombies come we're going to need all the firepower we can get. LBS. Whether a Zombie apocalypse or a terrible person on drugs trying to hurt you or your family & friends, you need to be prepared. It's better to be krazē about guns than not in our opinion. So remember to always "STAY STRAPPED." Literally!